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Baishu lake
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Map Baishuihu Baishuihu, located in the northern part of the West Sichuan Plain, near Mianyang, Mianzhu, Deyang, Chengdu V-belt. 68 km away from Mianyang, Deyang, 50 km, 120 km Chengdu, many surrounding sights and attractions, two kilometers away from Sha Ting former residence the County Suishui town, 30 km, from the scientific and technological experiments base of Asia's largest wind tunnel group, where they will have gravel cave "the Longquan gravel Palace" Luofu Mountain the Buddhist resort "and" Temple of the Reclining Buddha, southwest first Spring "Boiling Spring", there is a sensation caused by the world geological community the geological wonders sea Kam reefs in geological belt on the lake. Baishuihu an altitude of 664 meters, the surface area of more than 3,000 acres of water storage capacity of 16.72 million cubic meters, with an average depth of 10 meters, maximum depth of 20 meters, to be approved by the provincial government in 1993 as a provincial-level scenic spots. Provincial Construction Committee in 1998 awarded the scenic area of ​​civilization.
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