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Beichuan Xunlingshan
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Xunlong Mountain Scenic Area is the the Sichuan Mianyang Shulong Travel Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in the construction of the set of leisure, recreation, sports, tourism, "one of the scenic tourist destination. Find Longshan Scenic Area is located in the south of the old county of Mianyang City County, the scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou Travel Link, from Chengdu, Sanxingdui, Deyang, backed Mountain, Thousand Buddha Mountain, with a total area of 3.14 square kilometers. The case of the second batch of China National Geological Park scenic, unique karst landforms and gravel rock group, set Qixiu natural scenery and Shuhan cultural customs in one famous Prachuab. Scenic by the the Wolong hole, Hidden Dragon Town Sha Ting tomb, Dragonscale slope Stone Forest, Parc Plaza, Wucaiche medicated bath spa Wolong Habitat Space bath, Wolong home spa villas and several major attractions constituted. Novelty scenic landscapes, excellent service, and supporting facilities. The scenic area can accommodate 400 people, more than 180 people to stay 400 hot springs, 60 people to enjoy the space bath. Wolong hole can accommodate 3,000 people into the hole adventures.
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